New business cards from 4/16/13

By Chris Johnson

Along with the redesign of my website, I had some new business cards1 printed by Moo.com2. They arrived yesterday and here’s what they look like:

Business Cards

All of the cards have the same front (the white card in the picture), but with you can have multiple designs for the back. This is great for photographers and the like3 who can put examples of their work on each card. I didn’t think it was a good idea to use screenshots of websites in such a small space, so I went with alternate designs including some with solid orange and solid white.

Even though I ordered the cheapest cards offers, the paper feels nice and substantial, and the colors looks great. There’s not even any banding in the solid color areas which can be a problem with cheaper printing.

  1. Business cards as a concept may be a bit outdated in the age of smartphones that can easily share and store contact information, but I still like to have a handful ready at any given time. 

  2. Referral link. You’ll get 10% off and I’ll get some Moo credits. 

  3. I had some cards made for Andrea’s Jewerly business and it was nice to have cards with different photos of her products on the back.