Fever iPad Apps: Ashes and Sunstroke 4/26/13

By Chris Johnson

When I created an iPad theme for Fever, I meant it as stop-gap solution until someone released a proper iPad app. Yesterday my theme, thankfully, became obsolete when two such apps hit the App Store: Ashes and Sunstroke.

I've purchased both apps, and my quick impression is that Ashes is slicker in terms of presentation while Sunstroke is more configurable1.

Here’s a screenshot of an article in Ashes:

Ashes article view

And the same article in Sunstroke:

Sunstroke article view

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either app if you’re in the market for an iPad and iPhone2 Fever client.

  1. For instance, in Sunstroke you can share articles with a larger number of apps. 

  2. If all you need is an iPhone Fever app, you should also consider Reeder