iPad theme for the Fever RSS reader 4/12/13

By Chris Johnson

I recently switched to reading RSS feeds through Fever after Google announced they were shutting down Google Reader. It works great, except there isn't a good way to use it on an iPad. The web interface isn’t well suited to an iPad1, and iOS Fever apps like Reeder and Sunstroke don’t have iPad versions yet.

What I did is create a copy of Fever’s iPhone theme that is already optimized for touch screens, and modified it work on an iPad. So far, it does three things:

  • Fills the width of an iPad screen in portrait or landscape2.
  • Increases the size of the article text.
  • Disables interface animations3.

You can read more and download the theme on GitHub.

  1. By default, Fever serves the desktop interface to iPads. The tap targets are tiny and the article reading area is too small. 

  2. The iPhone theme is hardcoded for the iPhone's screen width. 

  3. The animations worked fine, but they were a bit choppy on my iPad 3 and made the interface seem sluggish.