Apple, please bring F.lux to iOS 11/18/15

By Chris Johnson

Staring into bright blue lights all night can be bad for your sleep, that’s why I’ve been running F.lux on my Mac for the last couple years. F.lux is a freeware utility that slowly makes your computer screen emitted light less blue and more orange as the sun sets. I don’t have any of my own hard evidence to back up F.lux’s claims, but my Mac screen seems less harsh at night, and falling asleep has been easier since I started using it.

Unfortunately, these days I tend to use my iPad and iPhone more than my Mac before bed, and F.lux (or a utility like it) is not available on iOS due to current App Store restrictions. For a brief time last week, F.lux offered a way to sideload their app on iOS devices through Xcode. However, Apple quickly shut them down. Given the sleep benefits and Apple’s push into health related software, I hope Apple finds a way to open F.lux related APIs in iOS 10 or provide their own solution.

If you’re interested you can sign a petition for Apple to bring F.lux to iOS, or duplicate these Radars.