Apple including Duck Duck Go in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite 6/5/14

By Chris Johnson

From the Duck Duck Go blog:

(...) at WWDC, Apple announced that DuckDuckGo will be included as a built-in search option in future versions of Safari on iOS and OS X. We are thrilled to be included in Safari and it’s great that Apple is making it easy for people to access our anonymous search option. This makes DuckDuckGo the first privacy-focused search engine to be added to one of the top four browsers and is a huge milestone for both us and privacy supporters. (...)

If you are an Apple developer, you can try out DuckDuckGo in Safari right now through the new developer and beta release of iOS and OS X.

Duck Duck Go has been my search engine of choice for more than year now. It’s quick, respects my privacy, and generally provides good results1. Also, I’ve grown to really love their !bang feature2.

It will be great using Duck Duck Go on my iPhone and iPad without resorting to my router hack. Still, I continue to hope Apple will give us the option to add any search engine we want to Safari. Firefox and Google Chrome3 have had that ability for as long as I can remember.

  1. Sometimes I have to crawl back to Google if I’m searching for something obscure, but Duck Duck Go makes it easy enough to redirect to Google by adding !g to your search. 

  2. My favorites are !mdn to go directly to the Mozilla Developer Network, !i to go Google Images, !v to go to Youtube, and !password to generate a random password. 

  3. If there was ever a browser that I’d expect to have limited search options, it’d be Google Chrome.