I guess I should try uBlock Origin 7/24/15

By Chris Johnson

I’m ready to try uBlock Origin, after reading Les Orchard’s post on how much tracking and advertising junk is in a simple Verge article:

Devtools performed a second reload of the [The Verge] page to get an overall performance analysis. This time it downloaded 12MB - a little over 7MB in that is JavaScript!

Just to put this in some rough perspective: Assuming I had a 1GB / month data plan, I could visit sites like The Verge about 3 times per day before I hit my cap. If I'm lucky, some or most of this will get cached between requests so it won't be quite that bad. In fact, another report tells me that a primed cache yields 8MB transferred - so maybe 4 visits per day.

uBlock Origin is an ad and tracking script blocker for Chrome and Firefox 1 that is supposedly much quicker and less memory intensive than the more popular Adblock Plus.

For now I’m going to try uBlock Origin in Firefox. Before I adopt a blocker in Safari – my main browser 2 – I’m waiting for the Content Blocking framework coming in El Capitan.

  1. If you want to try uBlock in Safari, you’ll need to use the original uBlock rather than uBlock Origin. 

  2. I use Safari because it’s more gentle on my laptop battery, and I like the browser tab sharing between Mac and iOS.