Adobe’s experimental apps on iOS 11/19/15

By Chris Johnson

Brad Colbow on the odd state of Adobe’s 31 apps for iOS:

Where is just a mobile version of Photoshop? There are 4 apps with the word Photoshop in them, but none of them look like the Photoshop I know and love. Each one only does a couple things.

(...) there is nothing from Adobe [on iOS] that is anything like Illustrator. The app that bears Illustrator’s name, Illustrator Draw, is a quirky little drawing app that looks at every tool as an opportunity to rethink how we create art on a tablet. It’s so experimental that core elements you would expect all vector apps to have are non existent here. There are no anchor points, no pen tool, no way to edit a line or shape once you’ve drawn them. You’ve made a vector app from a parallel universe.

I understand if I can’t use full blown Photoshop on my iPad Pro. I don’t think I need full blown Photoshop. But at least meet me halfway there.

Imagine if Microsoft’s Office apps for iOS couldn’t open Word and Excel files.