Introducing Long Day for iPhone 2/23/16

By Chris Johnson

Long Day App Icon

My latest iOS app, Long Day, is now available for free on the App Store. Long Day allows you to plan your day and block your time conveniently on your iPhone.

Calendar and to-do list apps are simply too cumbersome to quickly plan your daily activities hour by hour. But with Long Day, you can effortlessly block your time in hour or half hour intervals, just like you might with a spreadsheet or old fashioned day planner. Also, if you don't accomplish an item today, you can effortlessly copy incomplete tasks to tomorrow.

Long Day Screenshot

If you enable notifications, Long Day can help you stay on task with buzzes from your iPhone or taps on your Apple Watch.

Long Day is available for free with advertisements. If you want to support Long Day or you hate advertisements, you can pay $2.99 to remove the ads.

Learn more on the Long Day website.