Introducing Second Browser for iPad 2/4/16

By Chris Johnson

Second Browser App Icon

Second Browser, my first iOS app, is available for free on the iPad App Store 1.

Since Apple released iOS 9 with the ability to run two apps simultaneously, I’ve often needed to have two browser windows side by side. Sure you can do this by running Safari on one side, and Chrome or another 3rd party browser on the other. However, I wanted my Safari content blockers, cookies, and auto-filled passwords in both places. Second Browser has all these features because it is built on Apple’s Safari View Controller technology 2.

Second Browser Screenshots

If you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to me here.

You can download Second Browser to your iPad for free or read more about it on

  1. Second Browser has been available for a few weeks, but I wanted to release a couple bug fixes before I announced it here. 

  2. Programmer types can read more about Safari View Controllers in Apple’s developer documentation