DIY James Bond NATO watch 4/3/16

By Chris Johnson

Ever since I first saw Goldfinger, I’ve wanted the Rolex watch and strap combination that James Bond wears in the film 1.

Rolex NATO watch in Goldfinger

However, I’ve never wanted it enough to drop $8,000 to buy a real Rolex Submariner. So instead, I built my own for less than $150 with an Invicta Pro Diver watch, a Shark Straps NATO strap, and a solid spring bar tool. A spring bar tool is necessary if you’re going to swap watch bands.

If you want to attempt assembling your own, here’s a good video showing the process of changing the straps:

With all that done 2, here was the result:

My Invicta NATO watch

  1. It’s such a great style that MGM brought it back for the latest Bond film, Spectre. The big difference is that the Spectre watch is an Omega rather than a Rolex. A Spectre edition can be yours for $7,500

  2. It’s a far cry from how easy it is to put on an Apple Watch nylon band