Long Day 1.1.0 is out 11/1/16

By Chris Johnson

The latest version of Long Day is available on the App Store. There aren’t any new features, but version 1.1.0 includes major rewrites for changes in Swift and iOS 10.

From Swift 2 to Swift 3

The Xcode Swift migration tool took care of most of the Swift 2 to 3 changes, but it was terrifying having much of my code rewritten to comply with all the new syntax rules 1. The amount of changes also meant a lot of careful testing to make sure the migration tool didn't break anything.

iOS 10

The biggest iOS 10 change for Long Day was that Apple replaced the old notification framework UILocalNotification with UserNotifications. The new framework meant a total rewrite of the notifications system in Long Day, but it was worth it. The new framework is simpler and has a lot of new useful features, like the ability to ask the system what Notification types have been allowed by the user. It also lets you modify notifications even after they’ve been delivered. If you want to read more, I’d highly suggest checking out Use Your Loaf's walkthrough of Local Notifications with iOS 10.

Check it out

If you haven't already tried Long Day, please check it out, and let me know what you think.

  1. I want to take this opportunity to gripe about one Swift 3 feature. Xcode will now bombard you with warnings when you don’t use the return value of a method. It’s messy being forced to annotate your functions with @discardableResult or assign the return value to a throwaway variable.