Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac 11/16/16

By Chris Johnson

It’s interesting that at a time when Apple’s own Mac software is going stale, Microsoft is betting big on the Mac.

From Microsoft’s press release:

Visual Studio for Mac is a developer environment optimized for building mobile and cloud apps with Xamarin and .NET. It is a one-stop shop for .NET development on the Mac, including Android, iOS, and .NET Core technologies. Sporting a native user interface, Visual Studio for Mac integrates all of the tools you need to create, debug, test, and publish mobile and server applications without compromise, including state of the art APIs and UI designers for Android and iOS.

I use Microsoft Visual Studio Code for Mac on daily basis. It’s not meant to be a full IDE, like the Visual Studio announced today, but you can get pretty close functionality if you install a few of the great community plugins that are available.