Apple adding Night Shift to macOS 1/25/17

By Chris Johnson

Yesterday Apple released the beta for macOS Sierra 10.12.4, which includes Night Shift mode. Night Shift, if you’re not familiar with the iOS counterpart, gradually reduces the blue light of your screen after the sun goes down. Supposedly, this reduces eye strain and makes it easier to fall asleep. Anecdotally, I’d say this is true. However, I’m no scientist, so take my experience with a grain of salt.

In the past, I cheered on Apple for adding this feature to iOS, so I’m happy to see it coming to macOS as well. Apple is certainly "Sherlocking" the free utility F.lux 1 with this new Night Shift feature, but I think this is something that should be integrated into the operating system especially given the kind of adjustments it’s making to color output.

I’m also hoping this means Apple will soon add True Tone to the Mac. True Tone is currently only available on the 2016 iPad Pro.

  1. I’ve personally used F.lux for years now.